Recover Lost Visitors
...Before They Leave Your Website

Target your visitors with tailored campaigns, keep them longer on your website to increase sales and conversions.

How Exit Bee Works

Track and analyse visitor behaviour

Exit Bee tracks the on-site behaviour of each website visitor including mouse position and velocity, scrolling, past and current behaviour.

Knowing what your users are doing lets you re-target them before they're gone.

Exit Intent Tools - Exit Bee tracks the behaviour of each website visitor.

Target specific visitor segments

Your visitors behave differently, why treat them all the same?

Create visitor segments based on their location, device, current or past behaviour and target each segment with a tailored message.

Target your visitors with personalized exit popup campaigns and increase sales and conversion rate.

Create personalized campaigns

Use high converting, editable templates to create personalised campaigns that relate to each of your visitor segments.

Campaigns and messages that relate to the visitor's experience have a higher chance of recovering otherwise lost visitors.

High converting and customisable exit intent templates. Edit to match your style and launch your campaigns in minutes.

Increase conversions

Activate your campaigns and see your sales and conversions rise!

Increase sales and decrease cart abandonment with Exit Bee. Conversion optimization software.

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Why Exit Bee Works

Exit Bee Non Intrusive icon

Non Intrusive

Exit Bee campaigns don’t interrupt the user experience while they’re still browsing your website. They are triggered just before they leave which is the perfect moment to grab their attention and recover them.

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By targeting visitors based on their behaviour, we make sure that your visitors see the campaign that relates the most to them, and drastically increase the probability of a conversion.

Exit Bee High Converting Templates icon

High Converting Templates

Exit Bee templates are designed by conversion optimization experts. Simply pick the one you like, edit it to suit your campaign and get started!

Exit Bee has helped us deliver relevant, anticipated and timely messages that drive measurable results in a wide range of business types and objectives. It has become a standard add on, for all the web projects we develop and promote.
Nikos Louvaris CEO, Viral Passion
Exit Intent Popup - Exit Bee - House of Blouse Testimonial
We noticed that a lot of our visitors were adding items to their carts, but not completing the transaction. With Exit Bee, we were able to target these shoppers with a custom message right before they exited the website, offering them an additional discount to complete the purchase. We consistently converted about 10% of our visitors into lasting customers!
Rachana Reddy Founder, House Of Blouse