Behavioural Targeting

Retarget visitors with the right message at the right time to increase your conversions and revenue

Tracking visitor behaviour

Exit Bee tracks website visitors right from the time they land on your website. It then understands what they are looking for and their preferences, enabling you to understand these visitors better on an individual basis.

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Exit Intent

Get another chance to convert visitors into customers!

Exit Bee tracks your visitors and predicts their exit intent.
Recover them before they are gone with an offer they simply can’t say no to.

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Exit Page

Wait, which page are your visitors leaving from?

Create multiple campaigns and target different visitor segments.
Make a one-time offer to those abandoning the checkout, ask to subscribe to your email list those leaving from a product page, give a free ebook to those exiting the solutions page, etc.

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Device Targeting

Exit Bee works seamlessly on all devices.

Target your visitors with custom campaigns based on the device they are using: desktop, tablet, mobile. Tailor your message and increase conversions.

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Source Targeting

Visitors come to your site from different sources with different interests

Retarget them using source targeting to customize your campaigns based on where they are coming for.

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Browsing behaviour

Knowing what a visitor has or has not seen

Take advantage of the browsing behaviour targeting and personalize your campaigns.
Is a visitor leaving without seeing your sales page?
Has a visitor made an order in the past 30 days?
Has a visitor seen any shoes?
Has a visitor seen suits but not shirts?

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Campaign behaviour

Link campaigns and target visitors based on their past behaviour

Knowing how a visitor interacted with your offers and other campaigns, you can decide what would be appropriate and interesting to them and move them down your sales pipeline.

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Location Targeting

Different locations, different campaigns

Localise your Exit Bee campaigns and make them more relevant to specific audiences.

The better your localisation is, the higher are the conversions.

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And more..

Exit Bee Time Spent icon

Time Spent

Target visitors by the time they’ve spent on your website.

Exit Bee Number of Pages icon

Number of Pages

Treat different those who bounce after seeing just one page than the visitors who have seen more.

Exit Bee New or Returning icon

New or Returning

A new visitor is just getting to know you. If they leave they may never come back.


It only takes a few minutes to get started with Exit Bee.

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