Exit Bee introduces

Smart Exit Ads

Take Advantage of the Exit

Exit Bee introduces the next generation of online ads. Use the most premium placement, make sure that visitors actually see and engage with your ad to maximize your ROI.

How Exit Bee Feature -

Unparalleled Performance

Up to 30x Higher CTR

The perfect timing of Exit Bee Ads takes CTR to a new level.

Waiting till the end of a visit lets us know what a user is interested in so we can serve the right campaign.
When users complete a visit and exit a website they’re more likely to consider their next step.
That's when Exit Bee Ads grabs the user’s attention with a relevant and timely campaign.

How Exit Bee Feature -

99% Viewability

Ads people actually see

When consumers are online, they are either looking for entertainment or solutions to their problems.
They focus on the content, their eyes and brains are trained to ignore banner-like information, a phenomenon called banner blindness.
Exit Bee makes sure that users will actually see your campaign.

How Exit Bee Feature -

0% Accidental Clicks

No gimmicks.

We're all about performance and optimisation. All Exit Bee campaigns have a clear call-to-action button to make sure that every click is quality traffic to your website.

How Exit Bee Feature -

Mobile, Desktop and Tablet

Exit Ads & Promotions on all devices

Exit Bee's algorithm tracks the visitors' behaviour and recognises their exit intent on any device.

How Exit Bee Feature -

Unlimited Formats and Styles

Tailored to your needs and goals

Exit Bee lets you run all kind of campaigns, like:
Full-screen ads, boxed ads, native content promotion, contests, lead generation, coupons, sponsored content, exit polls and exit surveys.

How Exit Bee Feature -

For Publishers

Join a growing network and unlock your website potential
Take advantage of the most premium placement and increase your revenue.

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For Brands & Agencies

Target your audience at the right time.
Promote your product or service on a wide network of publishers and multiply your ad ROI.

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Smart Targeting Options

Use Exit Bee's behavioural settings to target the visitors who should see your promotion

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    Exit page

  • Exit Bee Enterprise plan - benefit Interests icon


  • Exit Bee Enterprise plan - benefit Pages seen or not seen icon

    Pages seen or not seen

  • Exit Bee Enterprise plan - benefit Time spent on website icon

    Time spent on website

  • Exit Bee Enterprise plan - benefit New or returning icon

    New or returning

  • Exit Bee Enterprise plan - benefit Pages in a session icon

    Pages in a session

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  • Exit Bee Enterprise plan - benefit Location icon


  • Exit Bee Enterprise plan - benefit Past campaign behaviour icon

    Past campaign behaviour