Analytics & Visitor Insights

Monitor your Exit Bee campaigns smartly, but also understand who your visitors are.

Meaningful Insights

All the data you need to understand your audience and optimize your campaigns.
Plus, individual visitor insights to know what exactly each user is doing on your website.

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Impressions & Conversions

Track your campaign performance in real time.

See how many times your campaign is triggered and how your visitors are interacting with it.
Get insights into device wise performance and discover day to day conversion patterns.

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View, understand and export your leads.

Get all the information you need about the leads generated from Exit Bee campaigns.

View individual lead insights. Segment them based on their behaviour and export your leads into smart excels for your other marketing campaigns.

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Smart Leads Segmentation

Exit Bee doesn’t stop at generating leads.

Capturing thousands of leads is good. Being able to segment them based on their behaviour, is better!
Which of the generated leads have seen jackets and which leads preferred dresses?
How many of the leads were a new visitor when they converted?

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Individual Visitor Insights

Be prepared. 1:1 Marketing

Exit Bee gives you the complete behavioural history of a lead so you can be better prepared when you follow up.
For every converted visitor, you'll learn when they first visited your website, how many times they've visited in total, the pages or products they've seen on each visit, how many purchases they've made, how they interacted with other campaigns. Know them as an individual now!

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Revenue Generated

Track the revenue generated by campaigns for your eshop.

Find out which campaigns are not just getting you on-site conversions, but helping you generate more revenue.

See how many visitors are converting on your campaigns and completing a purchase. Optimize campaigns with the best performance to get more sales!

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Geo Analytics

Where do conversions come from?

Monitor which countries or cities generate the most conversions and adjust your onsite retargeting strategy.

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It only takes a few minutes to get started with Exit Bee.

Set your goals and create a campaign in under 5 minutes to start converting your website visitors into customers.