We track every visitor, so you can target the right visitor at the right time.

Increase your sales, conversions, email subscriptions and engagement and take your shop’s revenue to the next level.

Reduce Cart Abandonment

Increase sales from those who abandon at the last minute
Target shoppers with custom offers or incentives right before they abandon their cart, and encourage them to complete the purchase.

How Exit Bee Feature - Reduce Cart Abandonment with Exit Intent Popup - Exit Bee

1000% More Email Subscriptions

Not all visitors behave the same.
Target them with custom messages based on their behavior.
And get more newsletter subscriptions!

How Exit Bee Feature - More Email Subscribers with Exit Overlays by Exit Bee

Segment Your Email Leads

We track each individual visitor.
You know who they are, what they've done and what they're interested in.
Create segments and target them with a relevant message.

How Exit Bee Feature - Lead Segmentation with Exit Bee - Advanced Exit Intent Technology

Promote Products & Deals

Not all visitors see what you want them to.
We know who hasn't seen you new products, deals or sale so just remind them on the way out and take them where you want them to be.

How Exit Bee Feature - Promote Products, Deals and Sales with Exit Intent Overlays - Exit Bee

Increase Social Following

The easiest way to increase your following.
What better time to remind your visitors to connect with you than immediately after they got to meet you?

How Exit Bee Feature - Increase Fans & Followers with Exit Bee

Smart Surveys

Collect valuable insights from the right users at the right time
Targeting visitors at the right time guarantees a higher response rate. Instead of interrupting a user's visit, Smart Surveys uses Exit Bee's behavioural analysis to show your survey at the right time and improve user experience.

How Exit Bee Feature -

Ready To Use Templates

You'll be up and running in just a few clicks

Exit Bee conversion optimisation campaign example Exit Bee conversion optimisation campaign example Exit Bee conversion optimisation campaign example Exit Bee conversion optimisation campaign example Exit Bee conversion optimisation campaign example Exit Bee conversion optimisation campaign example
Laptop display for Exit Bee conversion ooptimisation campaign

See how it looks on your website!

Enter your website URL below and we'll show you.

10-Second Integration

No matter what CMS your website is built on, you’ll need only 10 seconds to paste the code and get started. You don’t even need your IT guy.

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Exit Intent on All Devices

We use a smart algorithm to track user behaviour across all devices. So, whether your visitors use a desktop, tablet or phone, we make sure that they'll see your campaign before they abandon the website.

How Exit Bee Feature -

Behavioural Targeting

Target by device, visited or not visited pages, duration, exit pages, past campaign behaviour and more.

How Exit Bee Feature - Smart segmentation

Advanced Analytics

See which campaigns, pages and conversion paths are bringing more sales to your business.

Make informed decisions backed by data.

How Exit Bee Feature - Exit Intent - Analytics & Insights

Why Exit Bee Works

Exit Bee It's Not Interrupting Your Visitor's Experience icon

It's Not Interrupting Your Visitor's Experience

Users visit your website for a reason and they don’t want to be interrupted either when they’re entering or when they’re browsing.

Exit Bee gets triggered just before they leave, which is the perfect moment to grab their attention and recover them with a relevant message.

Exit Bee It's Personal icon

It's Personal

We track the on-site behaviour of each of your visitors. Since you know what each one has done, you can target them with tailored messages.

The more relevant the message, the higher the probability of recovering lost visitors.

Exit Bee Kick-Ass Support icon

Kick-Ass Support

We’re here to help you:

* setup your account
* design a great template that converts
* properly target various user segments
* evaluate campaign performance & results

We won’t rest until you succeed.