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Contensify: Grow Social Following 10X Faster


Fast Growth In Facebook Page Likes

About Contensify

Contensify is a content marketing agency for startups, that published knowledge sharing posts on a weekly basis and tips to grow businesses on social media. It is a content focused company in the digital domain.

The Challenge

Contensify receives a steady stream of daily visitors – new and returning, but very few of them followed them on social media – especially Facebook.

Facebook is an important social media channel for businesses to grow. Since, Contensify’s majority clients were acquired via social media, Facebook had been their primary growth channel.

The question was, apart from the call-to-actions they had placed on the blog and the social links at the bottom of their webpages.

“How do they drive traffic to their Facebook page and grow their following?”

The problem we wanted to solve was to getting their visitors to make a small commitment to them, by following them on Facebook.

How Exit Bee Helped

Instead of trying to obstruct the user experience on the website and blog with multiple call-to-actions to encourage a visitor to follow them on Facebook, we decided to target them at the time of exit.

Using our exit intent technology, we targeted the leaving visitors with a personalized message from Contensify – one that promised to share regular updates, tips and tricks to add value to them.

Since this popup got triggered only when a visitor tried to switch tabs or an exit intent was predicted, their reading experience was not compromised on one bit.

Here’s what the campaign looked like:

contensify popup

And here’s how it worked:

case-study-gif - contensify

We not just implemented our bounce prevention technology on their blog, but also made sure that their pop-up was tailor made for them. Creating a premium design for their popup, we created a campaign that suited their website and blog’s overall theme.

The campaign messaging was kept very simple so that a fleeting visitor would know what he will get by liking their Facebook page.

We used the Facebook plugin on the popup so that the visitor can simply follow them with one click instead of redirecting them to it separately!

The Results

The campaign drew their organic traffic’s attention towards their Facebook page and their following has been increasing at a steady rate.

In fact, because of the quality traffic getting directed to their Facebook page, their posts reach on the platform have grown exponentially as well. This in turn, has given a boost to their lead generation efforts.


Not all your website or blog visitors are going to follow you on social media. They might share your content in their circles, but it isn’t necessary for them to hit ‘like’ or ‘follow’ on your social profiles.

Exit Bee tracks the on-site behaviour of each individual visitor. This gives you the opportunity to target them with personalized campaigns that add to your end goal, without compromising on their on-site experience.

Just remember to keep your messaging simple and compelling enough for them to love you on social!

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