Case Study

Viari: Reduced Bounce Rates And Increased Sales


Reduced Bounce Rates And Increase In Sales

The Challenge

eCommerce websites have a number of product ranges to offer and there are always a few sales running in different categories. But a usual online shopper isn’t really able to browse through them all.

It is practically impossible for an online shopper to browse through all the products or the ‘new sales’ section to discover the products being offered to him at a good price.

Sometimes a visitor might have the time to look through and discover the sale. At other times, he might just miss it by a day and get disappointed.

So here’s the question:

“How do you make the visitor see an interesting sale you are running?”

The same was the problem when Viari decided to run a special sale on their belts collection for men and women.

While each of the collections separately had a great range to offer, it was really hard to move the visitors from their home page to the sale section that would interest them.

The problem we wanted to solve was that of visitors leaving their website without seeing their sales collection page (which was running separately for men and women).

How Exit Bee Helped

We decided to target Viari’s website visitors without interrupting their browsing experience. We created a smart on-site campaign that targeted them only when they were about to leave.

The best part of the campaign was that it did not interrupt how the other visitors were discovering the sale. It only showed up to those who were leaving without seeing the page. If a visitor had already seen the sale, the campaign did not get triggered.

Here’s the campaign:

viari campaign

And here’s how it works:

viari campaign gifThe messaging of the campaign was simple and easy for the leaving visitor to consume. It also created a sense of urgency by setting a deadline for the sale. The two call-to-actions led the visitor to their desired sales section – men or women.

Our goal for the campaign was to make sure the visitor feels ‘he needs to check out the sale’ before he leaves.

The Results

As predicted, most of the visitors didn’t notice their sales section. The Exit Bee campaign targeted them at the right time and many of them chose to check out their special sales page instead of leaving.

The campaign didn’t just increase the traffic on the two sales pages, but also created sales that could have been lost.

Yes, from just a few visitors to a lot many sales!


Not all your visitors will be able to look at the pages that you want them to. But you do have the power to change this with Exit Bee!

Exit Bee helps you track your visitor’s onsite behaviour closely. This gives you the ability to create campaigns that target them right before they leave. Thereby not interrupting their usual browsing pattern and increasing the sales!

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