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Cart Abandonment, Email Subscriptions, Product Offers

About is one of the leading websites for motorcycle accessories in Greece.

The challenges they’re facing are the ones that every commerce website is concerned about, like:

How are we going to decrease cart abandonment?
How are we going to increase email subscriptions?
How to promote specific products or offers?

How Exit Bee helped

Not all visitors behave the same and Motoraid created a number of campaigns to target specific segments of visitors based on their behaviour and interests. They focused on three types of campaigns:

1. Cart Abandonment – To target the visitors who are a step away from becoming customers, but for one reason or another they decided to leave

2. Lead Generation / Email Subscriptions – A softer approach to target visitors who are not currently showing buying intent

3. Product / Offer Promotions – To promote specific products or offers based on the user’s behaviour

Cart Abandonment

Over 40% decrease of cart abandonment

Motoraid created a special campaign to target the users that have added products to their cart but are abandoning the checkout process.

They offered the visitors an instant discount if they stayed and complete the order. To add the element of urgency the campaign urged the visitor to complete the order in the next 10 minutes in order to get the special discount.

The campaign was implemented in two steps:

Step 1: Asking the visitors if they’d like 8% discount on their order
Step 2: Giving the coupon and taking the user to checkout to complete the order

Here’s how the campaign looked like:

Exit Intent - Cart Abandonment by Exit Bee



The campaign performs amazingly well and the conversion rate is consistently over 40%. This last minute offer was proven to be enough to convince visitors to stay and complete the order.

Here’s a screenshot of the dashboard.

Exit Intent Popups by Exit Bee

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Lead Generation & Email Subscriptions

Over 2,500% lift in email subscriptions & leads

Motoraid also uses Exit Bee to increase their email list faster than ever. Over 90% of the visitors are not ready to buy. By achieving to get their email, Motoraid has a way to bring them back to the website and turn them into customers.

Motoraid created two lead generation campaigns. One asking for just an email and one asking for additional information like the make and the year of the motorcycle.

Exit Intent - Email Subscriptions by Exit Bee

Exit Intent Popups

Exit Intent Lead Generation



The perfect time to ask for an email is when a visitor has completed their visit and is getting ready to exit the website. At this time they know if they had a nice experience or if they’re interested in what the website offers.

If they are, they will happily give their email.

Here’s the performance dashboard of the lead generation campaign.

Exit Intent Analytics


Understanding the visitors

Exit Bee tracks the behaviour of every visitor. This means that for every lead that Motoraid acquired through the Exit Bee campaigns, they know their behaviour, hence they know what they’re interested in or what they’re looking for.

Motoraid can follow up with a personalised email 🙂

Exit Intent Popups - Visitor Insights


personalized exit intent