Case Study

Camping Mani Beach: Increase Online Bookings


6.94% Conversion Rate

About Camping Mani Beach

Camping Mani Beach is located at the south of Peloponnese, Greece and lies on a beautiful sandy beach.

The Challenge

Camping Mani Beach is located at a popular holiday destination and after releasing their new website, their goal was to convert as many of their online visitors as possible.

They knew that people travelling to the area get to choose between Mai Beach and the two other competitor’s campings that are located along the 4km beach, so being able to keep visitors on their website for a little bit longer was very important.

How Exit Bee Helped

Camping Mani Beach offered a 10% discount on bookings of 5 days or longer. The Exit Bee campaign was triggered on all pages of the website, offering abandoning visitors a promo code SUMMER15  to use with their booking.

The design is pretty simple. The beautiful beach on the background and big typography to make sure that the 10% discount was the first thing that abandoning visitors would notice.


The Results

The campaign reached a 7% click-through rate, of which almost 60% stayed on the website and made a booking.

After the success of this first campaign, which launched mid-summer, camping Mani Beach will continue to use Exit Bee to promote targeted seasonal offers.