Case Study Grow Email List


2.36% Conversion Rate

About is an innovative online service that helps users find restaurants and make reservations online fast and easily, 24/7.

The service is totally free, does not require credit card details and boasts exclusive privileges and discounts for its users.

The Challenge uses email among other channels to keep in touch with its audience and inform them about new restaurants, special deals and more.

It also uses a blog to publish a variety of content. At e-table’s blog you can find recipes, restaurant news, reviews, interviews and more. It’s only natural that their blog is receiving a lot of traffic and this traffic is a pool of potential customers.

By growing its email list, e-table had the potential of increasing returning visitors so as to gradually turn a percentage of them into customers.

Users could subscribe using a form at the footer but E-Table wanted to find a way to increase the number of visitors signups that occurred through the website.

How Exit Bee Helped

We created a campaign that targeted the visitors of e-table’s blog and asked them to subscribe to the weekly newsletter.

Our first goal was to grab user’s attention with an offer it’s hard to say no to. Our big headline was a question that asked “Do you want to eat cheaper at the best restaurants?“. Of course I do…

To increase conversions we made it very specific so the visitor would know what to expect. After the first question we made clear that if they subscribed they would get exclusive offers and news once a week.


The Results multiplied the number of visitors that subscribed to their weekly newsletter after reading their blog.

The campaign is running with a 2.36% conversion rate.