Case Study Increase Sales On Product Offer


8.58% Ecommerce conversion rate; Over 2,300% return on investment (ROI)

About is an e-commerce website that sells personal care and house supplies including diapers, cosmetics, cleaning supplies and more.

The Challenge

A lot of e-yup visitors are not familiar with a new brand of diapers offered through the website – Pufies, so many of them are hesitant to try them. Experience from the customers who had already bought the diapers suggested that they were satisfied and were coming back to shop again.

So, wanted to promote the Pufies diapers by making an exclusive offer to new customers and convince them to give the diapers a try.

How Exit Bee Helped

Since the main barrier was that visitors were unfamiliar with the Pufies brand, e-yup wanted to give an incentive to new visitors to try the nappies.

E-yup created an exclusive offer for new visitors, including a special price, free shipping and for those who were not satisfied free returns and their money back.

We created a campaign that was triggered only for visitors of the baby section who had not shopped before. We targeted users who after browsing the baby products, were about to leave without making a purchase.


The Results

This exclusive targeted promotion was enough to convince many users to stay on the website and proceed to purchasing Pufies, after all they had nothing to lose.

The campaign achieved a click-through rate of over 12% and almost 70% of those users made a purchase. This led to a final conversion rate of 8.58% and over 2,000% ROI.