Case Study Increase In Email Subscriptions


5,000% Increase in Email Subscriptions

The Challenge is one of the largest greek websites about business and entrepreneurship.

All blogs, news websites and publishers in general want their visitors to keep coming back for more. One of the most effective channels to increase repeat visits is email. has been using a signup form on the sidebar to build its email list.

How Exit Bee Helped used to Exit Bee to target all abandoning visitors and ask them to subscribe to their weekly newsletter.

We created an eye catching campaign and gave visitors a good reason to subscribe. We used a full screen campaign and clear, to the point copywriting that communicated the value of the newsletter and the frequency of the emails.

The headline was “Don’t be left behind the news” which, even on its own, communicates effectively what kind of content to expect while also creating a sense of urgency and a fear of missing out. The remaining copy “The most important news of the week, every Wednesday in your inbox”, made it even clearer and answered the questions “What?” and “How often?”.

We wanted the visitors to consume the content uninterrupted and when they were done and ready to leave the website, it was the perfect moment to let them decide if they wanted to receive more quality content.

We were sure that happy visitors would respond positively and in fact they did!


The Results

We were all very happy to see that the campaign performed amazingly well. It turned out that the visitors liked the content but would not subscribe to the newsletter using the sidebar form. They needed some kind of reminder or direction and the right time for this reminder was after they had finished their visit and were ready to leave the website.

As soon as we reminded them that they should subscribe and explained what to expect, we saw a large percentage of those visitors were willing to do so.

Overall, saw a 5,000% increase in their email subscription rate compared to the last few years.