Case Study

Etoile By Les Chefs: Increased Form Submissions


Over 2.00% Conversion Rate

About Etoile By Les Chefs

Etoile is a private college located in Athens, Greece, offering highly-recognized culinary, pastry making and hospitality courses.

The Challenge

Etoile wanted to boost signups from interested prospective students, in order for their dedicated studies counselor to make contact and offer all the necessary information and guidance.

The challenge for Exit Bee was to grab the abandoning visitor’s attention and create a campaign that would convince him to take action and complete the interest form.

How Exit Bee Helped

We created a full screen design for the Exit bee campaign, using a visually stimulating image relevant to the type of studies offered and a stand-out Call To Action button.

Moreover, the copy used in the message was carefully crafted in order to urge visitors to complete the desired action, while still remaining polite.

The campaign is targeted to all abandoning website visitors, and is completed in two steps: after the user clicks on the CTA on the first screen he is directed to a second screen with an interest form to fill out.

In addition, instead of a “reject” button, we offered users who didn’t want to complete the form the option to download a course guide in pdf format, so as to leverage interest from even the most hesitant of visitors.

etoile-exitbee-lead-generation etoile step 2

The Results

It turned out a large number of visitors were genuinely interested in the courses offered and were willing to fill out a form in order to be contacted by a college representative. Moreover, the alternate option of downloading a prospectus was positively received, gaining a download rate of more than 6%!

Etoile managed to gain a much greater number of form submissions compared to before Exit Bee, as well as earning an impressive percentage of users who downloaded their course guide, in just a few weeks.