Case Study

Fos Sto Tunnel: Increase Email Subscriptions


1,700% Increase in Email Subscriptions

About Fos Sto Tunnel

Fos Sto Tounel is one of the most successful tv programmes in Greece. It’s a TV show that investigates unsolved missing person cases, aiming to shed light andsolve the mystery.

It that has been awarded by many non-profit organizations for its contributions ans also holds a prominent position in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The Challenge is the official page of one of the most popular tv programmes in Greece, but has been struggling to build its email list. A large email list would increase engagement, which is really important, especially if you consider that the show relies in its audience to gain useful information for the cases it researches.

The signup form that was on the very top of each page didn’t produce satisfactory results and we needed to change it.

How Exit Bee Helped has a very targeted audience and we believed that a significant percentage of those visitors would be interested in receiving news and updates via email.

Additionally, was one of the first websites we ever worked with and we wanted to see how many users would subscribe to the newsletter if we asked them when they were about to exit the website, without offering them any incentives.

That’s why we chose to use the same copy that was already used by the website on their signup form. The copy was really simple and only said “Subscribe to the newsletter” and the call-to-action button said a simple “Send”, which pretty much goes against all rules of creating highly converting call-to-action buttons.


The Results

The results exceeded our expectations. We saw a 1,700% lift in email subscriptions, without giving any incentive to the visitors. We just reminded them to subscribe when they finished browsing through the website.

The performance was consistent month after month after month, and the list that was slowly growing over the past 5 years quadrupled in size in just 6 months.