Case Study

Sport Gallery: Reduce Cart Abandonment And Increase Sales

Sport Gallery is a popular e-shop selling a variety of sports shoes and trainers. At visitors can find men’s, women’s as well as children’s shoes from all their favorite brands at competitive prices.


Over 23.00% Conversion Rate

The Challenge

400% Increase of conversions

One of the main challenges for Sport Gallery was finding a way to reduce cart abandonment and convince users to complete their purchases before leaving the website.

A large portion of cart abandoners may have been undecided and not yet ready to purchase. According to a number of surveys, one of the main reasons holding customers back from completing their purchase is the cost of shipping – accounting for about 30% of cases.

So, Sport Gallery decided to battle the high cart abandonment by offering a strong incentive for users stay on and buy their items: a discount code.


How Exit Bee Helped

Don’t Leave Yet! You just won a 5% discount for you to complete your order!

We knew a discount is all a user needs sometimes to convince him to shop, more so if he has already shown strong purchase intent by adding items to his cart.

We created an Exit Bee campaign for all users abandoning their cart, offering them a discount-code to use at checkout, in order to vanish their last-minute change of heart and convince them to complete their purchase.

We used bold colors and large copy to convey our message, emphasizing the concept of “winning” a great discount.

We urged cart-abandoners not to leave, telling them they had won a 5% discount to complete their purchase. The Call To Action was a straightforward “Βuy Now” compelling users to grab their offer and buy whatever they had in their cart.

The Results

The campaign performed at an excellent conversion rate, with cart abandoners that viewed the campaign completing their purchases more than 20% of the time.