Case Study

The House Of Folklore: Increased Sales On Special Offer


Increase In Special Offer Sales

The Challenge

eCommerce websites have a number of products or product ranges to offer to their customers. More often than not commerce managers want to promote certain products, categories or sections.

They often create special offers or discounts to lure more sales. But this doesn’t mean that all visitors will notice the new “Sales” item in the navigation.

Other times they’re adding new products or sections, like a new designer in a fashion shop. But how many visitors are going to discover that amongst the tens or hundreds of designers, there’s a new one that they should have a look at?

The list goes on and on… It could be a new product, a product that’s left in stock and needs to be sold, or even a contest they’re having to promote the new summer line.

Whatever it is, the problem can be summarised in one question:

“How do you make visitors see what you want them to see?”

The same was the case when The House of Folklore launched a Christmas Specials page last holiday season.

While the page had a number of great gifting ideas and deals, it was hard to move visitors to it as they would browse through the home page, some product pages and leave.

The problem we wanted to solve was that of visitors leaving without having seen the amazing deals at the Christmas Specials page.

How Exit Bee Helped

We decided to target their website visitors with a smart campaign that targeted them only when they were about to leave.

It did not interrupt their browsing while on the site, it just reminded them of this special sale just in time.

Moreover, we didn’t target all visitors. Only those who were leaving without having seen the Christmas Special page. If a visitor has already seen the page, we didn’t trigger the campaign.

Here’s the campaign:


And this is how it works:


The messaging of the campaign was as simple and easy for the leaving visitor to consume. It let him know what the Christmas special offered and the CTA directly led him the special page.

Our goal was for the visitor to think, “I should check this out before I leave.

The Results

Indeed, most of the visitors didn’t notice the Christmas Special page. The Exit Bee campaign targeted them at the right time and many of them chose to stay a bit longer to see the Christmas Special page.

The campaign didn’t just increase the traffic of the page but it created sales that would otherwise be lost.

Yes, from a very few people visiting the page to promising sales!


Not all your visitors would see the pages you want them to. But you do have the power to change this!

Exit Bee tracks the behaviour of each individual visitor and you have the option of targeting the ones that are leaving without seeing what you wanted them to.

Give them a good enough reason to stay and chances are they’ll remain on your website longer instead of leaving. Thereby increasing the probability of a sale!

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