Case Study

University Of Nicosia: Increase In Interest Form Submissions


Over 4.00% Conversion Rate

The Challenge

The form submission rate was performing moderately before Exit Bee, and given that we launched when it was already September – the most important month leading up to the start of the new academic year, the University needed to boost the number of incoming leads and get as many interested prospects as possible.

A large number of students in the process of researching for a postgraduate course may have been hesitant to make the commitment and leave their contact information, or may not  have noticed the interest form button located on the right of each course page.

How Exit Bee Helped

For USDL we focused on the end-goal: submissions, by creating a friendly message and stand-out design, targeting all abandoning website visitors.

Exit Bee created an extra window of opportunity by convincing prospects that’s its worth filling in the form, so they can have all their questions answered and learn more about the University ‘s high quality programmes.

We used an educational visual concept, using an owl, symbol of wisdom and often a graduation mascot and asked each abandoning visitor ” Are you interested in high-level postgraduate studies?”, a question no doubt most of the prospect students could not answer negatively to.

The Results

The campaign performed really well, starting with an impressive 4,4% conversion rate during the first couple of weeks, before stabilizing around an impressive 4% in the following weeks.

It turns out abandoning visitors were not just browsing – they were genuinely interested in the university’s study programs. All they needed was a little nudge and a polite question in order for them to fill out the interest form and find out more from UDSLs educational experts!